Vermeer to Eternity | Anthony Horrowitz

Vermeer to Eternity
Kindle Single
Anthony Horrowitz
CB Creative Books
May 12th 2015
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When a widow inherits a Dutch painting from her late husband, she wonders if it could be a Vermeer – and enlists the help of a married couple to find out. They call in an old acquaintance from university, an imperious art historian named Goodhart who is the world’s greatest authority on the painter. Soon expertise and expectations collide – with astonishing results. An exclusive Kindle Single from the world-renowned author.

I have had a love affair with Vermeer and his work for a long time now and love to read about him and his paintings, I have also found that I really like the writing of Antony Horrowitz, so , for me, this book is a merging of two things that I enjoy, so IT IS A WIN WIN FOR ME!

This was published in 2015, so has been knocking around for a couple of years, so it was high time I get my pesky mitts on it.

It is not a long book so did not take me long at all to read it, in fact, I went back to the beginning and re read it, just in case I had missed anything.

As the synopsis says, a widow inherits a painting and from what her husband told her, he thought it to be a Vermeer,after his death she struggles with money and with the help of some friends she enlists the help of a famed Art Historian Paul Goodheart. He is not known for his tact, so the story ensues.

I am not going to spoil anything for you, ( of course I wanted to splurge EVERYTHING, but I wont ) as it is such a quick enjoyable read, it would be such a shame if you did not enjoy the twists and turns, that this short story has to offer.

I will go as far to say that I gained much more enjoyment out of this than some long-winded 600 page books I have read recently!

I recommend this even if you are not into Vermeer or indeed the author, but it is a jolly nice little piece and well worth a read.

Thanks for dropping by and have an excellent day 🙂

Synopsis taken from Goodreads