The Bespeckled Redhead | that’s me!

Good Morning! Good evening or afternoon, wherever you are!

I just want to take a moment, to thank my readers and all of you that have supported me over the years with my blogging and most recently with this one THE BOOKWORM it really means alot to me.

I have loved setting up this and writing on it, that I have decided that I wanted to include other lifestyle topics, but I fought with my inner voice that said that this is a BOOK blog, so I have made another!

It is called THE BESPECKLED REDHEAD and am going to write about me and my lifestyle, my thoughts, my troubles, my joys and anything inbetween!

It has been brewing  for a long time now, so I have taken the plunge!

It WILL NOT however, take me away form my main love and that is books and this blog, this is my baby and the other is just an offshoot!

If you would like to take a peek, I would love to see what you guys think, be warned that it is in its infancy and I am still tweeking, so bear with 🙂

Click here and as if by magic it will magically take you there ..poof!

Who needs Hollywood for special effects when I have it right here! *chuckles*

Thank you again for being here and It really does mean alot, for anyone who knows how much background work goes into making a blog and setting up features for it, it makes it all worth while knowing that people are reading and enjoying.