I just wanted to take a moment to explain to you how to navigate your way around ‘The Bookworm’

You may notice that I do not use reams of tags and like to keep my categories to a minimum, this is done for myself, so I can keep everything neat and tidy and for you also, so you are not having to scroll through masses of text to find something.

So here, I am going to tell you what types of posts go into what category etc

Audiobabble – This encompass all posts with regard to audiobooks, wether it be a review or a discussion

Book Review – As it says, for a book review

Features – This is a broad title set for posts that are a regular feature ie, Friday Reads, Goodreads Goodies, Blog to Blog tours, Book Tours, Waiting on Wednesday and Sunday Symphony

uncategorized –  Any post that does not fit into any category

Tags – Book tags posts

Non Fiction – Where I feature non fiction books

Film and TV – self-explanatory me thinks!

I would Also like to take the time in explaining why I DO NOT rate my books, for one thing, I think that it does not do the book any favours, you can argue that a five-star review is going to make the book look really good, whereas a one star review is going to make that particular book look really bad, BUT, it is all relative according to the person writing that review, for example, when choosing a book to read or buy or put on my many TBR lists, I like to see what other people have said about it, but IF I LIKE THE PREMISE and they have slated it, IT DOES NOT STOP ME WANTING TO SEE FOR MYSELF, on the flip side, I have read five-star review books and have really wondered why they thought it so good, so, as I say it is all about perspective.

I never trash talk a book, if I do not like it, I will write about it but in a factual and reasonable way, I might throw cuss words around but still, I hope you see my point?

Also, how do you come about your decision? it is purely for the storyline? the writing style? the cover? the popular opinion? nah, waaay too much effort, I would rather you read what I have to say, then you can see my thoughts and feelings and in that way you can judge for yourself wether this would be a type of book you would be interested in reading or not.

Another thing that I really did not want to get into was to judge the book purely on a star rating, books are way more than a collection of shapes to rate it.

ok!! rant over, I hope that I have helped you in some way to navigate and understand my blog a little better, so…….




Thank you for taking the time to stop by , I really appreciate it 🙂

Thanks again

Julie 🙂