Music for the Soul | First Edition

As long as I have loved books, I have loved music  and latterly art.

I have made this feature because I want to share with you some  pieces of music that I just love  and in the meantime introduce my readers to some new music, or in any case, share the love!

Today I am going to start with Camille Saint Saëns and Mozart, they are quite different pieces of music, one makes me want to wave my arms around pretending to be a composer and the other makes me want to sink to my knees and blub, I am sure you can tell which one is which once you have listened.

Danse Macabre by Camille Saint Saëns

A French Composer organist, conductor and pianist of the nineteenth century, he made his concert debut at ten, so he was a bit of a prodigy, and by all accounts his students looked up to him as a musical genius. Admittedly, I do not known much of or about him and his music, all I know that I just love this composition and play it quite loud into my headphones, I cannot keep still when listening to it!


My second choice is from Mozart, I would be interested to know what pictures are conjured in your mind when listening.

So, without Further a do, here it is and enjoy!

Mozart – Lacrimosa

Lacrimosa is Latin for weeping and I can  see why, this was entitled this, it makes me think of a dark grey day and the heavens have opened, but aside that, it is a beautiful piece.

Most of us know that Mozart was born into an Austrian musical family and was taken around Europe by his father as a young child, playing for all the nobility, and was composing at the age of five.  For me, he is my favourite composer, there is such resonance to his music and something that just grabs my very soul and either lifts it up or tears it apart and I adore this piece.


I hope you have enjoyed listening and I will be back later in the month with two more to share with you. Let me know if you would like more info into the piece of music or the composer, and I will endeavor to oblige next time!

  • Do you like Classical music?
  • Do you have favourite works?

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I have shamelessy taken these from YouTube, but they are the version that I am always listening to. The tohughts and emotions however are ALL MINE!
  • Rebekah DeVall

    Oh, love, love, LOVE. All of the above. <3

    • Thank you, I am so glad you liked them,keep an eye out as ‘music for the soul’ #2 is on the way!

  • I love Lacrimosa. I remember first hearing it years ago and fallen in love. Classical music is a huge passion of mine too 🙂 I look forward to reading more related posts!

  • What a really good post! I enjoyed reading although I don’t like classical music st all but I can appreciate the beauty for it.

  • I used to try to run away from classical music because…I thought it was boring. Now I am getting into metaphysics and I heard it can raise your vibrations, put you in a good mood, make you more creative and smarter so I should listen to some more often.

  • August Pfizenmayer

    Bookmarked!!!!!! These songs are great for writing. It helps me get in them mood and gets my creative juices flowing!

  • Ashley Cook

    I cannot wait to listen to these! Growing up I want in band and love the feeling it gives me when I listen to classical or to instrumentals

  • Venus Fitness And Lifestyle

    I listen to classical music when i was pregnant and would often put headphone on my belly. My favorite was Clair de Lune, by Claude Debussy

    • That is a beautiful piece 🙂 do you still listen?

  • Lexi Mary

    I love mozarts lacrimosa, it’s so peaceful and glowing. it gives me chills. thanks for sharing. Hope you’ll share us you’re Opera experience too

    • I will most definatly share some opera too, so glad you liked my choices:)

  • Jane Dee Wylie

    I love to listen to classical music while I’m reading. It helps me focus and is so relaxing.

    • Thank you, I love it too, I hope you enjoyed the pieces i choose:)

  • Janey

    i love classical music!!! I don’t listen to it like everyday but I love it. You are right to describe it as music for the soul. It kind of uplifts your feelings

    Jane @
    I blog about meaningful living and my journey to financial freedom

    • Thank you! I think I might make this a regular feature, as I have so much music to share!