Murder is afoot… well on tracks

I have loved this story for so long now, it cannot even remember how long, the simple yet tightly bound plot, one that when I first watched the film (the Albert Finney version) I did not guess the outcome at all.

The first thing that ‘shouted’ at me was that MOUSTACHE, I was like, what the feck is that? I mean come on now, it was creeping around his face like a monster, I had visions of it, when the filming was finished, it jumped off Branagh’s face and walked to its own trailer for a groom!

Was unsure about Johhny Depp playing Ratchet, was not questioning his acting abilities, but just not sure that he fit that charecter role.

As for Poirot, I really have doubts about Kenneth Branagh playing the much loved detective, much loved to me in particualar, but wanted to watch it with an open heart and tried not to judge prior to seeing it.

To be honest, I am not  sure what to make of it, This version of Poirot just did not work for me, Branagh played the part well and did have screen presence, I was fighting with my thoughts of ‘if it is not David Suchet,it is not Poirot’ and the purist will never accept Brannagh as the belgian detective, but he just wasn’t the Poirot that Chrisite had crafted, they had adulterured the plot and characterisation massivley and I am not sure I liked it, however, I thought it was an interesting reworking of this old plot, and I will always champion the continuation of a Christie book.

What niggled me throughout was the way in which they made Poirot gungho, ripping of compartment doors with his cane, fighting fellow passengers and being shot at, running over wooden bridges and generally being active, I am used to Poirots only activity being his ‘little grey cells’

I have issue with the egg incident at the beginning too, cannot ttell you why, it just irks me for some reason, also the turd incident, where he trood in some poop on the floor when he was in Jurusalem, would he have really trod in it with the other foot to even it out? I dont think so.

There was another occurence in the film, where Rachet is asking Poirot to work for him, they share a cake, from the same plate, I may add, this I am sure would never have happened.

I am just going through some of the things that I thought were just the Poirot that I know and love, I applaud individuality of the screenwriter and director and will always watch each and every version that comes onto the big screen.

The cinematography was very big screen and had all sorts of different angles, over trains, through trains and even a birds eye view, especially when the body was found, was expecting it to pan closer, but did not…. eugh….

I wanted to be up close and personal, and feel that I was part of the team, in the room investigating, not sitting on the roof like some pervy voyeur.

The scenery and general feel of the film is beautiful, costumes etc were great, you could feel the glamour of the age.

The cast was distinguished, just not my favourite gathering for such charecters.

This has been a difficult for me to write, as I have mentioned before, I just love the book and subsequent versions, I love the fact that it is still popular, as I will collect them all, however, it was a bit of a let down.

For people that have not watched any version, …WHAT WHAT ROCK HAVE YOU BEEN HIDING UNDER….they might love this, but I suggest you go and watch the others and then come back and tell me what you thought.

  • Will I watch this again?
  • Will I buy this for my collection?
  • Do I want to see another version of this film on the big screen?

The answers to these questions is yes, yes and YES!

Let me know if you have watched this, agree with my thoughts or totally diagreed, let me know, lets have a chat!

Thank you for dropping by and have a booktastic day!


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