Music for the Soul #2

Welcome to Music for the soul #2, I didn’t want to call it number two… for the obvious reasons! ( sorry juvenile humour :P)

seeing as the first one was quite popular , I am going to make this a permanent feature, I am not good at setting out certain posts on certain days, but I will try my best!

A comment I had been that, they wanted me to share some opera, so I have bowed to their wishes and have included one Opera and one classical organ music, both very different, but awesome in their own right.

When I think of opera, my mum immediately thinks of Pavarotti, but I choose Maria Callas, no matter what you thought of her and her personal life, her voice is from the heavens.

I have chosen today an Hour long video, it has several ‘clippings on it’ some better quality than others, but I understand i you do not want to listen to the whole 60 mins, but I implore you to listen to at least the first twenty minutes and if not that AT LEAST the first ten.

The second choice today, as previously mentioned is some organ music and I think when you started listening to it, you will immediately recognise it and perhaps think od a stormy night and a hungry vampire lurking in the dark corridors of a musty castle!

If you want to get a real experience . put on headphones and crank the volume up, the beginning really gets you in the guts!

what a beautiful organ too … ( soz, that juvenile humour kicking in again!)

I get enthused so, I thought as a treat, I would share with you another video of some organ music, but this piece gives off a totally different vibe, and again recognisable from the very beginning 🙂

Hope you enjoyed my choices of the day, I will be back in a couple of weeks with a few more of my favourite classical pieces, if you have any favourites let me know in the comments below 🙂

bye for now!

all rights to the videos go to the artist and the video uploader