Its Wonderland Month| Welcome August

                                      *waves goodbye to July and welcomes in August*


I have always loved Alice and her Wonderland adventures, the crazyness of it all, but the genius of the storytelling and the world building capabilities of Carrolls mind and pen.

I have lapped up all the various forms that this story lives in, book, film, audio and picture, and how various other authors have taken the very essence of the story and moulded it to fit into a story of their own, still keeping the very things that make wonderland a special crazy mind boggling explosion of colour and well, indeed…..wonder.

So over the next weeks, I will be posting Alice related topics and might throw in a few book reviews too!

The first post will be up on Friday 4th August 2017 and will feature, the very man that started it all, Lewis Carroll, where I will looking into his life and finding out the inspiration that made him come up with and write what he did.

so, adieu my friends, we shall shall see each other again and until then be awesome!