Friday Reads


I think this is more of a Booktube thing that a Book blogging theme, But hey ho and all that, I am going to be getting involved with it too….
It is all about what books you are reading today and over the weekend, and I love watching them, makes my impossibly big TBR list grow longer, but..well.. that’s not a bad thing?…right? …..

I might one day make videos, my mind just empties and I feel so stilted in front of the camera, almost like my personality hides behind a door or something as soon as I hit the record button.

So, onto the business in hand and lets crack on!

Audiobook- Winter by Marrissa Meyer – working my way through them all
Reading – The Second Empress by Michelle Moran
Kindle Samples – The Scarlet Kimono by Christina Courtenay

I have just started Winter, its a big book, so will take me a while, half way through The Second Empress and The Scarlet Kimono, as mentioned is a sample, so will not take long at all!

 What are you reading this weekend?  


TTFN and lets chat!