#Bookmark Monday | sharing the love!

Hello there, today I am particiapting in BOOKMARK MONDAY  hosted by Guiltless Reading, I was on the hunt for something to particiapte in and found this, so I am jumping on that boat and here we go!

I have quite a collection of bookmarks, so this is a perfect opportunity to show you them.

I am opening with two Bookworms, an ideal set of bookmarks to start with, they are both made of material and quite floppy, so fit perfectly into a book, they are both in my favourite colous and I use them frequently.

I cannot remember whether I bought one first and then the other or if I bought them together, but no matter, they are mine and just too cute!

Do you have a bookmark you would like to share? if so comment below and let’s chat!

That is all from me today, so remember to have a booktastic day!