2018 Reading Challenge| Who wants to join me?

I was browsing the internet – as you do – and came across this blog here and saw a reading challenge that peaked my curiosity.

I am such a mood reader and tend to stay in my selection of genre’s, so I do try every know and then to challenge myself to read outside of my comfort zone and liked the monthly challenges set.

At the end of each month, I will post my thoughts about said book and revealing the next challenge book – how does that sound?

Seeings as we are in January I had better get my arse moving, I have chosen LORD OF THE FLIES by Willaim Golding, I remember this from my school days, so this is perfect for challenge one!

I might even get an educational helper with it, so I feel like I am back at school!


                                            SO WHO IS WITH ME?

comment below if you would like to join me!


Have a booktastic day!