The Mitford Murders#1| Jessica Fellows| Audiobook

The Mitford Murders
Book One
Jessica Fellows
Murder Mystery, Historical
Little Brown Book Group
14th September 2017
11 hrs 14 mins | unabridged
Bought myself via audible

Lose yourself in the gripping first novel in a new series of Golden Age murder mysteries set amid the lives of the glamorous Mitford sisters.

It is 1919 and Louisa Cannon takes on a nursery maid post to a Oxfordshire family that live in an upmarket manor house.

Louisa is happy to be able to leave London, her poverty and her vicious uncle.

She takes on the position looking after several children, but especially befriends the households eldest child, Nancy a sixteen year old bright young lady with a vivacious nature.

They become embroiled in a murder mystery regarding the murder of Florence Nightingale Shore, the god-daughter of the famous nursing Nightingale.

What is interesting is the fact that this is loosely based upon a real murder. (I think it still remains unsolved, but in this version, it does come to a conclusion)

Louisa annoys me from time to time and found myself talking to the narration, tutting or sighing, in some parts of her storyline, I found her to be so weak or indecisive, but this is how the author wanted her to read I guess, so I always take this with a pinch of salt.

Nancy on the other hand is a bright spark, spoiled at times, but that was the nature of her upbringing, she was also written with some naivety and both the young ladies do get into a few scrapes through their immaturity and inquisitiveness.

The Author includes some romance in this tale, which actually, was written well and kept within the decorum of the era,  it was not too sweet or cheesy  and does not take over the plot, which is a good thing, as it is the plot that keeps the story moving forwards.

The official ‘blurb’ suggests that if you like Agatha Christie and Downtown Abby, then you would like this, I can see why that they said this, as the Author has written quite a few books on the aforementioned Downtown Abby, but for me, it does not have the subtle cut and thrust of a Christie.

I really like the cover of this and it would have attracted me, if it was not suggested to me previously and I will be getting the physical copy for my collection.

There are two covers for this and I personally like the one that attracted me.

Which one do you prefer?

The other cover

My cover

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