Hypertension | the silent killer

I went to see my GP the other day, and by chance he took my blood pressure, it was not good, well… it was heading for the roof, I was gobsmacked and totally shocked.

I know I had got into some bad eating habits due to shift work and as bloggers, sedentary, ie, bum on chair and not moving for hours, stress at home and at work, but I thought I was handling it all……

Several Medications later and some weird side effects, I have started on my journey into #lookthefuckafteryourselfyouarenotgettinganyyounger regime.

These are the steps I have taken to try to get that pressure down

  1. Watch for salt in my diet
  2. Cut down my sugar content
  3. Try and lose weight
  4. Meditate using the ‘body scanning’ method
  5. Par-take in some Qigong and Tai Chi in the morning before breakfast
  6. Make a concerted effort into incorporating more veggies into my diet – I LOVE my veggies so that easy
  7. Read up about it and how to prevent and reduce
  8. Try not to stress about it

Number eight is the most difficult one, especially when the GP tell you, you could stroke out or have a heart attack, gg doctor, thanks for freaking me the feck out.

After trying to chill myself, I used the time to read, learn and regenerate and I want to share with you the books I read.



Hypertension or high blood pressure kills more people than all types of cancer combined. Apparently, this type of disease is often correlated to living unhealthy lifestyle and it is shameful to indicate that this particular disease could have easily been avoided if people start eating healthy and also embrace healthy lifestyle choices.

FORMAT – Kindle

54 pages

Publisher: Loco Media (16 Dec. 2014)



This book explains about what Hypertension is and why we get it – a chance to make me feel like a couch potato – then it shares with us some recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, with a few puddings at the back, it is not a long book and can read easily read within the hour.

These recipes concentrate on low-fat and sodium, but does not tell you the content of each, which might have been useful.

There are lots of nuts and seeds going on in this book and for one that does not like to eat nuts and seeds, I did not find it that helpful.

Discover 30 Natural Superfoods To Control & Lower Your High Blood Pressure

FORMAT – Kindle

66 pages





I actually liked this book a lot better than the other one, this one did not seem to be judgemental, just gave you the simple facts and resolutions.

This gain was an easy quick read, but it gives you valuable information too, helping you to understand what hypertension is and how it can lead to some pretty horrendous effects on the body. This book advises you to change your eating and lifestyle patterns and how to bring down and regulate this pressure without the aid of medicine.

I used my KINDLE UNLIMITED plan to read both of these books, So i have returned them already, however, I made sure that I wrote down in my notebook, all information I wanted to take out of these books for my future health.

I am on medication and I will be for a while yet, but I am slowly incorporating this now regime into my everyday life.

This experience has certainly made me sit up and think, I have quite an active job, but I am not there all day, before I go to work ( I work PM) I do sit on my arse for a lot of the time, blogging or researching or just generally on my laptop, I do eat for the sake if it sometimes and I really have to take this scare seriously.

  • When was the last time you had your blood pressure tested?
  • If the answer is ‘can’t remember’ I suggest you go get it done!