He Stole the Honey! | Ashley Williams | review

He stole the honey!
Ashley Williams
Self Published
August 2017
Was Gifted but I would have bought!

Join Mr. Bear on a journey through the forest where he encounters a sticky situation about telling the truth, misplaced blame, speaking out, and doing what is right.

I met this lovely lady, the author of this book when I first started blogging, many years ago now, I have been dipping in and out of the book world for a while before I settled upon this blog and Ashley has always been a constant part of it.

She writes a great book blog called Parttimebooknerd, so it was not a surprise when she said that she had self published a book, called ‘He stole the Honey’ a book that entertains the child with colourful illustrations and adventure, but also with a moral code attached, that teaches whilst you read with your child.

Not only is it a lovely little tale, but Ashley has illustrated it herself, which is beyond my abilities!


I am proud of her and all her endeavours and has always been supportive towards me and my attempts at blogging!

Well done girl!

If you would like to take the time to see more of her work, click on these links and they will magically take you to her!


Amazon link

here is one of her latest tweets about NanoWrimo.

I hope that you all have a good day and look forward to being with you all again!