Coldmaker | Daniel A Cohen

Daniel A Cohen
YA, Fantasy, science fiction(?)
Harper Voyager
Expected publication: November 2nd 2017
Kindle Document
336 ( hardcover edition)

Eight hundred years ago, the Jadans angered the Crier. In punishment, the Crier took their Cold away, condemning them to a life of enslavement in a world bathed in heat.

Or so the tale goes.

During the day, as the Sun blazes over his head, Micah leads the life of any Jadan slave, running errands through the city of Paphos at the mercy of the petty Nobles and ruthless taskmasters.

But after the evening bells have tolled and all other Jadans sleep, Micah escapes into the night in search of scraps and broken objects, which once back inside his barracks he tinkers into treasures.

However, when a mysterious masked Jadan publicly threatens Noble authority, a wave of rebellion ripples through the city.

With Paphos plunged into turmoil, Micah’s secret is at risk of being exposed. And another, which has been waiting hundreds of years to be found, is also on the verge of discovery…

The secret of Cold.

The cover and the premise inspired me to want to read this, alas, it took me quite some time to get into the world that the author had built for us. Paradoxically it does grab you from the start, a hot tired boy living in a world of stark differences due to your station in this world, spends his nights rummaging through rubbish to find scraps of food and materials for his inventions.

This is a tale of differences, domination and courage.

It is not the first story to tell of the rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots, of a world in which a human requirement is taken away or forbidden wether it be heat or cold in this book, or air ( referencing Sarah Crossan ‘breathe’ ) but I am glad that I pushed myself through this, as the writer builds the story well during the read and leaves you with a definite ending you just know a second one is coming.

Please do not get me wrong, it was not badly written at all, it just took me time to get used to the characters and the world that they lived in, sometimes for me, it just all snaps into place, other times it takes a little work, of back tracking and reminding myself who was who and what was what.

I think the author has a great imagination in the way he has built his world and I wish that I could do something like that, so I salute him!

I most likely will re read it at some point and if it comes out on audio then will listen, as i will look forward to see how the narrator ‘reads’ the characters, wether it be the same voices i had in my mind when reading for myself.
All in all a well written and fleshed out tale that i for one am glad to have read.

It is not my favourite book of the year, but the time reading it was not lost, as I am glad to have been given the opportunity to read it and store it in my ‘I have read that’ section in my brain!

Thank you for taking the time to drop by and have a booktastic day!

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers who kindly gave me a copy to read and review in an unbiased and unedited way. All views are my own and I did not recieve funding.  I review because I love to do so.