The Unfaithful Queen | Carolly Erickson

Is it really bad of me to say that I loved this book for its simplicity?

 The Unfaithful Queen lays bare the dark underbelly of the Tudor court, with its sugared rivalries and bitter struggles for power, where a girl of noble family could find herself sent to labor among the turnspits in the kitchens or—should fortune favor her—be exalted to the throne.

This is the first I have read in this set of books, I was attracted by the cover (when am I not!!:P) and it started a bit of a binge listen.

This is the author’s tale of Catherine Howard and her life prior to and after her marriage to Henry Vlll leading all the way to her execution.

If you are like me and have soaked up everybit of historical text regarding these six fateful queens, I love to read anything about them, wether like this is is BASED UPON real life fact or wether it be a historians work book.

There is no doubt that this book reads as a work of fiction and I enjoyed it as such, it did not trouble me that it was not historically correct, I really like to watch and see what the author plucks out of their imagination to make the book thiers.

If I wanted a book that I can sit down with and actually learn about this lady, Carrolly Erickson is not the author I would pick, but for what it’s worth, it was entertainment, with charecters, surroundings and familiarity of the era that I totally love.

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Seeings as I listened to this, rather than read, I will give you the info on the audio version.

I have actually bought the Hardback copy and it is sitting proudly amongst all my other Tudor books!

  • Next time I will talk about the other Carrolly Erickson books I have listened to and enjoyed

Bye for now!