Magpie Murders | Anthony Horrowitz

This story, is a book within a book, where book editor Ryland is written reading the manuscript she receives, and the reader gets to read the manuscript too, which I really liked, it was different and refreshing…. wow, I just read that back, really made no sense at all, lemme try that again!

Susan Ryland is our main character, she is an editor and receives a manuscript from her most popular and successful author, but all is not well with the author or his manuscript and this is a book that takes us on a literary journey on the discovery of ,not one but TWO murders!

The manuscript detective has an Agatha Christie/ Poirot feel which I like, as I adore the aforementioned and takes place in a sleepy village that Christie favours too.

This book has plenty of twists and turns and it well done, the writing style is flowing, my first Horrowitz and a gateway to enjoying a new author.

If you enjoy whodunit’s, then this is the book for you, you get two stories for the price of one!

I would really like if the Detective stories of Atticus Pund would actually become a real series, I for one would be a fan!



If you liked this and want to know what the audiobook version was like, then click this link and it will take you to audiobabble, where I talk about nothing but audiobooks:)