Tulip Fever | Deborah Moggach

I choose to listen to this book as part of my Audible monthly subscription, especially after I had seen a trailer for the film, looked totally up my street and I wanted to see what the book had to offer before I watched the film and I am so glad that I did……

         Tulip Fever | Deborah Moggach | Audiobook | 7hrs 24 Mins | Audible Subscription choice|


A tale of art, beauty, lust, greed, deception and retribution — set in a refined society ablaze with tulip fever.
1630s Amsterdam, tulipomania has seized the populace. Everywhere men
are seduced by the fantastic exotic flower. But for wealthy merchant
Cornelis Sandvoort, it is his young and beautiful wife, Sophia, who
stirs his soul. She is the prize he desires, the woman he hopes will
bring him the joy that not even his considerable fortune can buy. (Goodreads)

 My thoughts –

I was in just the right mood for the tale and enjoyed it tremendously, it encompasses love, greed,deception and infidelity, all wrapped up in a tulip bulb.

Ever since I can remember, the Tulip has been my all time favourite flower and was so looking forward to reading about the mania that overtook Amsterdam in this period of their history, but have to say, even though I took great pleasure in listening to this book, I was saddened not to see the tulip take a greater role in the proceedings.

Sophia, a young bride marries a much older man, he has wealth and position, but he was a widower and felt very lucky to have married such a young attractive wife, For Sophia It is not a love match, she agreed to marry him to settle a family shortcoming.

Her Husband Cornelis seems a good man, but Sophia just grins and bears him,especially when she performs her wifely duties in the bedroom; however, she does live well and wants for nothing, so she puts up with it.


One day, Cornelis informs Sophia that he has hired an artist – Van Loos – to paint their portrait, when the morning arrives, she walks into the room wearing a stunning blue dress, here starts a tale of passion, wickedness, betrayal and deceit.

Even though they live well, they do not have a large household, only keeping one maid called Maria,  her story is skillfully woven into the storyline and I actually felt that she was written with more character than the flat Sophia.

I love learning about the Netherlands of that era, or Holland as it was known then, the art, the tulips, and the general busy trade of this Dutch city; so was really happy to step into the is world and live it through these pages.

Without unravelling the multi faceted plot, I will leave it there, as I want you to experience it for yourselves first hand, I loved every second of this story and I totally recommend this.


The narration was well done, in terms of deliverance, but the narrator -Rula Lenska- had a cigerette voice and it grated on me at times.
Moggach wrote a masterful plot ,weaving hints here and there, dropping feeding the reader, and not letting on until it was time for things to start to knit together.

I really want to talk more about Sophia and about how her actions rippled out affecting all that she involved, but it would spoil, and that I just WILL NOT DO!

The ending was a neat and complete one, but I wanted fireworks and I feel that I did not get satisfaction, I wanted to see retribution, but alas, it was quite tame.

However, it ended how the author wanted it too and that for me, is the end and not for me to question.

  • Will I read this Author again? – most likely
  • Am i going to read more books in this veins – hell yes!

Thank you for dropping by and spending time with me, bye for now and come back soon!